Collection: Silk Hair Scrunchies

Silk hair scrunchie is a great helper in daily hair care, as well as an elegant accessory. The structure of the soft silk fabric cares for and protects the hair throughout the day. Hair scrunchies are created here  in Latvia, using high-quality, natural Mulberry silk, 19 mm thick.

Why choose natural silk hair scrunchie?
100% silk hair scrunchies are extremely gentle on the hair because the texture of the silk fabric does not cause friction, reducing hair breakage and split ends. Unlike traditional elastics, silk scrunchies are convenient to use both everyday and elegant events.

Silk scrunchie ensure that the hair is not tangled, is healthy and lively. They help reduce frizz and tangling and don't create noticeable print lines - your hair will look great all day long. The natural properties of silk help to maintain the hair's natural moisture level and shine, giving it a healthy and shiny appearance.

Silk hair scrunchies are a modern and versatile hair accessory. They not only take care of the hair, but also add glamor to the hairstyle and the overall image. It is a versatile accessory that complements any outfit from casual to formal. Scrunchies are available in a variety of elegant colors, both classic and expressive. Scrunchies are available in 2 sizes - S and M sizes.

Comfortable and safe to use -  the elasticity of the silk scrunchie ensures a comfortable and safe hold on the hair. Whether you're creating a loose bun, a ponytail, or a "sloppy" updo, silk hair scrunchie ensure that the updo stays in place while maintaining that all-important comfort.