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Welcome to Justīne Valdmane, a sanctuary of silk where unique nightwear and elegance intertwine. Founded in 2019 in Latvia by the clothing designer Justīne Valdmane, our ecommerce store is dedicated to providing you with the finest silk hair accessories, elegant nightwear and softest pillowcases.
At Justīne Valdmane, we believe that every detail matters.  We specialize in crafting nightwear made from high-quality silk, designed to serve you in everyday  routine and add a touch of glamour.
For a truly restorative and luxurious night's sleep, our Champagne silk pillowcase is an essential addition to your beauty regimen. Enjoy every night with the holp of natural silk pillowcase as it helps maintain the moisture levels in both your facial skin and hair, leaving you with a radiant and refreshed appearance every morning.
Justīne Valdmane is more than just a brand; it is a celebration of every day, elegance and beauty. In this store you can find unique silk nightwear, crafted locally in Latvia.
We invite you to experience the silk magic with small accessories such as silk scrunchies as well as silk pillwcases and nightwear.
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 We don't have a physical store, so we really appreciate you visiting our online store.

In case of individual orders and other questions, feel free to write a message using chat (there is no chatbot ) or to email info@justinevaldmane.com or valdmanej@gmail.com

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