Collection: Silk Robes

Feel the magical touch of natural silk as in everyday life and in special moments. The silk robe is extremely soft, comfortable and gentle as it is made from high quality 100% Mulberry silk and the luxurious and elegant lace adds a charming, soft accent.

Why choose a Silk Robe?

Natural silk is body-friendly because silk fabric is produced from natural silk fiber. It is soft, breathable and moisture absorbent. Thanks to these properties, you can enjoy comfort in silk nightwear all year round, as silk naturally regulates body temperature. A silk robe provides excellent comfort - pleasant coolness in summer and cozy warmth in winter.
Natural silk is suitable for those with sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic and gentle, cares for the skin, reducing irritation and providing unparalleled comfort and a magical touch. Enjoy the softness of natural silk on your skin.

In the online store, you will find robes that are created in Latvia using both silk satin and silk jacquard fabrics. Satin weave fabric has an elegant sheen, while jacquard weave fabric is one of the most luxurious fabrics. They give elegance and luxury to clothes.
The silk robe's flattering cut and elegant lace details make you feel both comfortable and confident.

Pamper yourself with the soft and luxurious touch of natural silk and enjoy the magical feeling of natural silk. Wrap yourself in the sumptuous embrace of our Natural Silk Robe and discover a world of comfort, elegance, and timeless luxury. Experience the difference that natural silk makes, and treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence.

Various colors are available in both darker and soft and light tones. Color combinations and small individual solutions are possible, for example, a robe with or without lace at the ends of the sleeves. In case of individual orders, please write to